Brand Identity, Instillation, Product       
January   May 2019

Olio’s mission statement is about creative empowerment and the imagination that comes with play. 🌈️

The word Olio has serval meanings . One of them is expressed as a miscellaneous collection of things. In terms of the brand it consist of different parts that are inspired by a collection of shapes 🔸🔺🔹 that are made into dollhouse furniture 🛋 and designs for textile and patterns  for the dollhouse 🏠. The idea of random components  being combined together to make something cohesive 👥, interactive 🎯, and child friendly  ⚽️ 🚂️  is all what Olio is about.

Our goal at Olio is to inspire children to use their imagination to create new things. It’s beyond sight 👁 and touch 🖐, but overall a cognitive experience that allows children to develop motor skills 🧠. Learning about connection between shapes/form, color at a basic level. While at the same time introducing them into domestic experienceallowing them to define what a household is 🏡 through domestic accessories 🛏 and a container of a physical dollhouse.