New Current 

Brand Identity, Exhibition, Print       
January   May 2019

New Current is made up of two synonymous words . New is comprised of three definitions: not existing before💡, already existing but seen or experienced for the first time 📻, and just beginning but better than what came before 📺. As a noun, Current is a body of water or air moving in a definite direction 💨. As a group of artists and designers we are similar, but not the same 🍏🍎. All moving forward 👉into things that are unforeseeable now 🙈 but extremely significant. We move like the ocean 🌊and adapt to changing circumstances. With purpose and drive, making the unknown familiar. We keep a peaceful interior despite the turbulent outside forces 🌪 .

Our potential has always been, but after spending the past four years collaborating 🤝, thinking 🧠, and creating 🎨in the same space, it is now becoming.