It’s a  bird!🦅 No, it’s a  plane! ✈️ No, wait it’s an         


There is so much to explore 🔍 on this “expedition of index” 📂 ! Looking back on the body of work I have made, there have been some great discoveries ☄️. From a travel magazine and website that illustrates the endless destinations for your next Socal Adventure 🏖, to a personal journal 📒 that discusses the perspective of body image 🍑and how society views it 👀. Each project is a treasure of its own 🏆. So come along explorer 🚀and let’s dive on in!  🌊

︎︎︎ Your journey awaits.........

01. Olio
             07. Unripe
02. New Current      08. Come A Little Closer
03. Play Parents     09. Socal Adventure
04. Belloqc          10. The Local Traveler
05. Bloom            11. More Than A Conqueror
06. Melting Pot      12. Clarendon