October     November 2016

Clarendon is a Type Specimen poster that has a mix of denotative and connotative information. Such as info about the typeface (designer,history, intended  uses, etc), and unrelated texts that illustrates what the typefaces mean to me 💭.  Some elements follow the grid while others undermine and break it. 💔

Overall research about Clarendon gave me some really cool ideas about what I wanted to achieve in my compositions. I really wanted the poster to represent boldness and excitement 🤪. For me thats what Clarendon represent. Considering that Clarendon was commonly used in wanted posters it was important for me to invoke the wild 💥.

At the same time I wanted to relate it to war and the idea of forces fighting 👊. An interaction between two opposing sides. I really wanted to create something that was activating the space 🚀 with flow 💨and created a visual hierarchy