Brand Identity       
October   December 2018

The history of my group beings in 3050 on the island of Mauritius 🌴. A group of 5 women designers is traveling to escape the hectic word, due to the digital chaos that consumed society ⌚️📱💻 🏙 .They soon realized that the use of the digital elements controlled too much of their work . At the same time, they began to not only lose their voice but their “soul”. The soul of their work. The thing that comes from deep within you that you have 💓.

As designers 🎨 , storytellers 📖, curators 🖼, leaders 👑, and entrepreneurs 👩‍💻 they realized that their voices could be heard through by staying out to their standards + believes and going back to basics: the hand ✋. The traditional forms of making 🏹. This idea challenged the group to think critically about how to use your body to create work in a “natural” sense 🌿 along with materials that can physically be sourced🎍.

Because of this, they embrace hand-making arts & crafts and incorporate that into their design. Eco-friendly design or environmental design is something that they also include in their practice 🌳. Using elements of nature to create their work. This is what keeps them grounded but at the same time, it allows them to be challenged and think critically about how to create from what the earth has provided you with 🌍️.